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This site is a personal website and blog by Wade Kricken, who has spent over two decades as an attorney. Here, you will find tons of information and advice regarding health and wellness along with any up and coming trends and a full bio for Mr. Kricken.

Who is it for?

This website was made by Mr. Wade Kricken in order to give information about health and wellness, one of Wade's passions. Mr. Kricken works as an attorney, and with such a stressful job he must also be sure to maintain his personal health and wellness. He is an avid proponent of exercise and mental health awareness. This blog will provide information for individuals with all different levels of experience, from those beginning their journey to those who have been practicing wellness for many years. Visit our Blog Page for informational articles, or you can click on the About tab for a full history and bio information about Mr. Kricken.


Wade Kricken

wade kricken

Attorney based in Dallas, Texas

Over the past twenty years, Wade Kricken has litigated in many different cases as an attorney. Though he mainly focuses in real estate law and litigation, he has a wealth of experience in all areas. He has run his own law practice for more than a decade and during his time there has litigated over 1000 cases.


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Whether you are a beginner or someone who has their own health and wellness techniques, you will surely find many valuable resources in our blog which contain tips, trends, and current information about the latest trends in health and wellness. You will be able to access advice that is inspired directly by Mr. Kricken’s personal experiences. To learn more about Wade, just head over to the About Page for his full bio.

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Health and wellness have become popular topics in the last few years. As more people take an interest in their health, there is much more information to be shared and discovered. However, with so many sources of information, much of it can be conflicting. Mr. Kricken has spent many years learning about and practicing the various techniques and methods that are commonly mentioned, and now he would like to share what he has found so that he can save others from the trial and error process.


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If you are looking to network or find out more about health and wellness, you should connect with Mr. Kricken through filling out the form located on the contact tab. Wade Kricken is always open to discussing new tips and techniques and will get back to you shortly.  You can also follow Wade Kricken on social media or check out the Blog page for articles about health and wellness.


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